Archery tag Amsterdam

Archery tag Amsterdam is one of the coolest activities. Play this challenging game, which is a combination of Dodgeball and Archery, with your friends, family or colleagues. It is possible to play archery tag Amsterdam at our location or at the location of your choice.
You can Archery tag with 6 to 5000 people at a time. We have several fields and it is possible to play archery tag both outside and inside. Please note our standard prices are for outside Archery tag.

Price achery tag Amsterdam

At our location in Amsterdam

  • Including instructor
  • From 6 players
  • 0,5 hour €16.30 pp (€14.95 pp excl. VAT)
  • 1 hour €25.02 pp (€22.95 pp excl. VAT)

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Enjoy archery tag in a package deal

Go to "ADD UP 1"


Het compleet verzorgde arrangement. Inclusief 1 activiteit, 3 drankjes per persoon en heerlijke BBQ.

  • 4,25 uur
  • v.a. 10

from 61,48 p.p. Starting price, per person.

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Een compleet verzorgde dag met activiteit, borrelplateau, 3 uur drankarrangement en overheerlijke BBQ.

  • 4,25 uur
  • v.a. 10

from 86,05 p.p. Starting price, per person.

ADD UP 2 Teamuitje Amsterdam Teambuilding
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A fully catered event with 2 activities, snack platter, 3 hour unlimited drinks and a great BBQ.

  • 5,6 hour
  • from 10

from 109 p.p. Starting price, per person.

ADD UP 3 Bedrijfsuitje Amsterdam Teambuilding
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Amazing day

The king among the packages: 3 activities, lunch, snacks, the whole day unlimited drinks and delicious BBQ.

  • 9 hour
  • from 10

from 165,5 p.p. Starting price, per person.

Arcade games Amsterdam Company party

Playing field

UP Events has its own Archery tag arena where we can play with up to 20 players at the same time. It is also possible to play in our forest, which can add an extra dimension to the game. The objective of the game is to ‘tag’ the opposition players, which eliminates them from the game.

What others think about Archery tag Amsterdam

Super leuk spel. Erg gelachen! Wij waren hier met een vrijgezellenfeest, ze zorgen er echt voor dat je het gezellig hebt. Top!
Jeroen Bakker
Jeroen Bakker
10:58 13 Mar 22
Kristof Boghe
Kristof Boghe
13:11 08 Oct 21
Nikolaos Kyriakidis
Nikolaos Kyriakidis
11:58 20 Jul 20
Super leuk spel!! Aanrader 🙂
martijn schmitz
martijn schmitz
16:20 24 Feb 20
Anne Groen
Anne Groen
13:18 24 Feb 20
War echt super – Archery Tag bei UP Events.
Melanie Wittke
Melanie Wittke
12:19 24 Feb 20
Wouter Koppenol
Wouter Koppenol
23:23 07 Feb 20
Het was leuk om met mensen te praten
06:55 13 Dec 18
Corentin Savornin
Corentin Savornin
23:03 23 Aug 18
What a day out! Went in a stag group, dressed the stag as a giant inflatable phallus and proceeded to all shoot him!
James Heggett
James Heggett
09:13 13 Aug 18
Diverse eventlocoatie, echt en toffe plek!
Pim ten Broeke
Pim ten Broeke
15:14 22 Jun 18
De Jong
De Jong
08:51 22 Jun 18
Was echt een top ervaring. Geweldige locatie, super leuke begeleiding en top activiteiten. Wij hebben heel erg genoten en vooral veel gelachen. Alles wordt top geregeld en je wordt super vriendelijk ontvangen! De activiteiten zijn ook echt super leuk. De begeleiding verzint ook allemaal soort van mini games tijdens het boogschieten zoals capture the flag. Was echt super! En bij het lasergamen had je echt een super leuke baan met veel goeie verstopplekken. Is absoluut voor herhaling vatbaar!!
Meike Noordijke
Meike Noordijke
21:18 31 May 18
Rene de Jong
Rene de Jong
07:22 24 Oct 17
Coole activiteit en heerlijk locatie
Yara lentjes
Yara lentjes
12:05 23 Apr 17

What is Archery tag?

Archery tag is a sport that originates in America. This game is becoming more and more popular in the Netherlands. Archery Tag is played with a specially developed safety bow and arrows. During the game, players wear a mask to protect their face. If you get hit you will feel it but it’s not hurt like paintball where you have bruises the next morning. Archery tag is a game that is suitable for young and old. Children can participate from the age of 8.

Archery tag Amsterdam arrival

Always make a reservation online or by phone, so we can schedule a staffmember. Please be at out location at least 15 minutes before the start of your event. If you still want to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or something else, please make sure that you are at our location at least 30 minutes before the start of the event.

You can play Archery tag Amsterdam at our beautiful location in Amsterdam West. A game lasts 1.5 hours and then it’s obviously nice to take a break with a refreshing drink or snack. After this short break your team is ready for the second half. Afterwards, you can opt for one of our BBQs or beverage packages. Please ask for the possibilities to make a suitable package of your outing.

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Archery tag Amsterdam can be a part of the program in activities like bubble football, laser tag or one of our room escape challenges. You can find all of the available activities at or call one of our sales team colleagues.

UP Events

Archery tag Amsterdam is one of the many activities and workshops of UP Events. If you want to combine Archery Tag with one of our room escape concepts, laser tag, bubble football another teambuilding activitymeetinglunch, drinks, tapas or BBQ please let us know, we will make a suitable offer for you. You can contact us on +31 (0)20-4635850 or email us via the contactform.